As I joined a larger company, I thought the pace would be slower.

My First Offsite - February 2016

Two months after I joined the company, the first whole company offsite was in Mexico. I still knew only a few of the other employees.

Apart from some work meetings, some leisure activities were available to choose like hanging at the hotel pool, hiking, or hoverboard. The latter was my choice after googling what it was about.

On the activity day, I joined the hoverboard group to wait for our transportation. When the group got together, most of the company’s leadership was in the same group. I felt a bit overwhelmed, but I’ve found it cool to get my activity choice validated by them. :) I was quiet during the drive to the pier while others were chatting. It was nice to see how easy-going everyone was. But still, I was silent.

When we got to the pier, I kept observing, and I would be the last one to go. For 1 hour, I watched everyone riding, with some struggle and some success. Then it was my turn. The jet ski driver asked if I know how to swim or surf. I said I do know both; then he said: so it’s going to be easy, keep your legs straight and stiff. At first, I could stay above the water, but it was tricky. Then the driver said I was doing fine, and he would push me higher. And I did it.

When I got back, everyone congratulated me because I could stay up for a reasonable amount of time. I had a conversation with everyone. It felt good. Later that night, we would get together for the most important presentation with the whole company.

When the presentation started, this photo doing the hoverboard was on the first slide. I had no idea of what’s going on.

Hover Board in Mexico

The photo was used to illustrate ambitious growth goals for the company as a hockey stick chart.

The IPO - June 24th 2021

Fast-forward to yesterday, Doximity had a successful IPO at NYSE.

When I saw the hockey stick chart of the stock price (103% upside on the first day), I remembered my start there.


A Special Remark - The Remote Culture at Doximity

I had some prior experience working remotely as a software developer before joining Doximity. Still, my experience was limited to small companies with no specific plans to build a solid Remote Work culture.

When I joined Doximity, almost 50% of the team was fully remote, and the other 50% worked in the San Francisco office.

Some highlights to me were:

  • The leadership, especially the VP of Engineering, believed and pushed for a remote culture from the start. (Thanks, Bruno)
  • Wednesday is Work From Home: The whole company worked from home, which stimulated written communication and put the entire team with “skin in the game.”
  • Quarterly Offsite: Every quarter, all employees would meet in person to have some meetings and have lots of free time to hang out and improve team bonding.
  • Office prepared for remote meetings: The San Francisco office has an open-space layout with lots of rooms for meetings and even some phone booths for calls. The meeting rooms were prepared with high-end cameras and audio equipment, so remote employees could be really present in a group meeting. Sometimes the Remote person had a very noticeable presence because some rooms had giant screens.
  • Lofts for remote employees: Some lofts near the office are available for remote employees to stay when visiting san Francisco. Those lofts were the place to meet other peers out of office hours. We could even keep some personal stuff in there, making it easier to plan the travel. We usually planned office visits to match dates with other peers to enjoy weekends exploring the Bay Area up to Lake Tahoe.

My Last Doximity Photo - Early 2019

During my last months, there was an internal competition of taking photos using the company swag when traveling.

When I planned my snowboard trip to Andorra, I brought everything I had. and I waited for a beautiful day to take this photo. My photo was the most voted for the quarter.

Remote Work

In the mountain, people were curious about all the stuff I was carrying, and I got questions like:

  • What’s this name tag? are you a rapper?
  • Why are you carrying a bag?

Thank you, Doximity! I’m proud of your success! And happy for having had the chance to contribute a bit.